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Womens Gallery

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At Brands For Less and Tchibo, we have an entire range of exquisite products for women. A woman can spend hours in our showrooms choosing from a wide range of handbags, stilettos, trendy apparel, lingerie, hats, accessories to name a few. What's more, these quality products come at very affordable prices.

Mens Gallery

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We have an exhaustive but precise range of products for men. This range includes wallets, hip watches, fashionable shoes, sunshades, apparel, sports products, belts, caps, personal grooming products, and much more, at surprisingly low price.

Kids & Babies Gallery

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Kids & Babies
Our section for the little bundles of joy has been put together with great care keeping in mind the importance of safe products. Our product range for children starts with shoes, prams, stationery, toys, games, infant-care products, storybooks, clothes, and many other knick-knacks.

Footware Gallery

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At Brands for less we offer you a wide range of stylish footwear. Be it, stilettos, trendy slip-ons, smart runners, sleek formal and informal shoes for Men ,Women and kids. at very affordable prices.

Technology Gallery

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The electronics and appliances section at Brands For Less displays vacuum cleaners, navigation systems, dishwashers, microwave ovens, food processors, amongst other such household appliances. What is more, one can also find an array of entertainment devices such as cameras, sound systems, LCD TVs, DVD players, mp3 players and even complete home theatre systems.

Household Gallery

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Brands For Less is a one-stop shop for furniture needs. Our well-designed range of furniture - beds, sofas, wardrobes, coffee tables, bookcases, mirrors, cabinets, amongst others - comes at unbeatable prices. The furniture itself is made from the finest wood and is built to last for many years to come. Besides, one can also spend some time picking from our assortment of kitchen blades, chopping boards, tableware, bed spreads, cushions, pillow covers, quilts, throws, drapes and many other little things to make your shopping experience complete.
Childrens jeans Bermuda, 100% cotton woven (Denim), front opening with button and zipper (access from the right side), ending above the knee.
100% cotton, tailored. 2 shirts with round-neck cut and button strip on the left shoulder, 1 polo-neck collar shirt with button str ip from the left to the right side.
Childrens pyjamas, 100% cotton, tailored.
Made of 80 % cotton + 20 % polyester, sleeves 100 % cotton tailored, rear side bib with PU film co ating, fastening strap for the neck
Frying pan made of aluminium, deep-drawn, plastic handle, non-stick coated.
Cooking pot made of extruded aluminium with a glass cover and silicone sheathed Bakelite handles, non-stick coating
Storage box for foodstuffs with folding lid and silicone seal, internal separating wall with portioning feature.
Melon cutter, round plastic frame with two handles, star-shaped blade made of steel with twelve cutters
30-piece cutlery set made of 18/10 stainless steel, consisting of 6 forks, knives, spoons, coffee spoons and pastry forks each
For the perfect and individual cooking on the grill or in a pan. Display the cooking level of "rare" to "medium" to "well". Sensor head and high quality stainless steel.
Blood pressure meter, battery-operated, with upper arm sleeve, desktop device with LCD display, pulse measurement feature, measured value memory for 2 persons

About Us

A decade down, it is years ahead. The Brands For Less Group (BFL) was established in the year of 1996 with the intention of providing shopper's with an experience unlike any other. With in this short span of time. the BFL Group has gone from strength and now owns a large retail presence in the GCC. Each BFL outlet is designed and stocked to ensure customer satisfaction and happiness.

It is towards this end that the BFL Group acquired the Tchibo Franchise and started Tchibo Prozente. This has given Brands For Less access to the innovative and extra wide range of branded German products. This includes a whole spectrum of products, right from household utensils to office products, from toys to clothes. But, what really sets us apart from others are our prices. In fact, our prices are so ordinary that you may wonder whether you have gone back a few years.

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